About Smoke & Pickles

Smoke & Pickles Artisan Butcher Shop has a vision for Mechanicsburg and all of Cumberland County – to revive the cozy, reputable neighborhood butcher shop– meeting all the traditional standards of the past while breathing a modern, creative new life into the locally sourced food movement.

Our Menu

Remember when you knew where your food came from? The farmer was a neighbor. The milk man who delivered glass bottles of fresh, delicious cream was known to families by first name. What if home cooks and restaurateurs alike could return to the hometown warmth of choosing locally sourced, sustainable meats of the highest quality from a butcher who truly cares?


  • Whole Animal Butchering

    November 2 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Join Chef Mills as he demonstrates how to butcher a half of a Hog. The same techniques can be used t...